Lower limb, foot and ankle pain

There are many different causes of pain in the lower limb, foot and ankle. A thorough assessment will be undertaken to establish the diagnosis and devise an effective management plan.  Many lower limb, foot and ankle problems are stress injuries, caused by inappropriate footwear and/or poor gait or biomechanics when running or walking. Your foot is a complex structure over which your whole body is propelled forwards. It is also a shock absorber, cushioning anatomical structures within the foot and lower limb from huge forces placed through it with every step.

Your foot and lower limb function will be assessed and your range-of-motion and muscle strength tested.  Your foot posture and gait (your manner of walking) will also be evaluated if indicated.

Lucy specialises in 100% bespoke custom 3d printed ultra lightweight orthotics to fit the unique contours of your foot and modify the forces acting on the joints and muscles of your lower limb. She uses these in combination with footwear advice, activity modification and strength and conditioning to treat these injuries and reduce the need for surgical intervention.  If a systemic cause is suspected, a referral to the relevant specialist will be initiated.

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