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  • Central Hove location – off Hove seafront

  • Easy on street parking

  • On bus routes 1, 1A & 6

  • Urgent appointments available on request

  • Modern facilities and equipment

  • Up to date evidence based treatments


Podiatrist or Chiropodist?

Technically there is no difference between a Podiatrist and a Chiropodist.

Podiatrists assess, diagnose, and treat conditions related to the foot and lower limb.

As of 1993, Chiropody changed its name to Podiatry, as it is the internationally recognised name for a foot specialist, and also more appropriate as podiatry reflects the advancements of treatment and regulatory changes within the profession and encompasses pharmacology, biomechanics, gait analysis, orthotic prescription and nail surgery.

Our professional body has recently changed its name from the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists to the Royal College of Podiatry reflecting the change.

Meet your podiatrists...

Lucy Rutler trusted professional podiatrist - Podiatrist in Hove and Brighton - Hove Foot Clinic

Lucy Rutler |  BSc (Hons) RC Pod

Lucy is an award winning HCPC registered professional podiatrist. She is the founder and clinical director of Hove Foot Clinic.

Lucy specialises in treating lower limb, foot and ankle pain caused by repetitive stress or sub-optimal biomechanics, often the cause of sports and running related injuries.  She ran the Brighton Marathon in 2012 and now volunteers as part of the marathon medical team.

Lucy also specialises in gait analysis utilising the latest dynamic foot scan technology and 100% bespoke custom 3d printed ultra lightweight orthotics. She has previously undertaken research in the field of forensic gait analysis and published an article in Science & Justice magazine on the identification of individuals from CCTV footage based on their gait or manner of walking.  Learn more  >

Lucy is also a verruca specialist offering the latest highly successful treatments including ground breaking Swift microwave verruca therapy and verruca needling.  Lucy no longer provides nail cutting, callus or corn removal or other routine podiatry services.


  • BSc Podiatry: First Class Honours
  • Health and Care Professional Council Registered
  • MC Pod: Member of the College of Podiatry
  • POMs Annotation: qualified to supply designated prescription-only medication
  • Local Anaesthetics Annotation: licensed to administer designated local anaesthetics
  • Postgraduate course in paediatric podiatry
  • Swift verruca specialist
  • Certificate in Verruca Needling
  • Qualification in Foot Joint Mobilisation

Lisa McSorley |  BSc (Hons) RC Pod

Lisa is an experienced HCPC registered podiatrist. She achieved a first-class honours degree in Podiatry and won the coveted Podiatry Research Prize. Over the years Lisa has provided podiatry services in clinics across Sussex whilst building up a home visit client base in and around Brighton and Hove for those that would otherwise have been unable to access podiatry care.

Lisa provides a high quality, professional and caring, patient-centred service. She previous trained as a reflexologist, which adds to her ability to take a holistic view of healthcare.

Lisa specialises in treating problem nails and skin such as ingrowing toe nails, fungal and thick nails, corns and callus. She also offers needling for verrucae.

Her experience in the field of podiatry and enthusiasm for providing an exceptional patient experience aligns with the ethos and philosophy here at Hove Foot Clinic.


  • BSc Podiatry: First Class Honours
  • Health and Care Professions Council Registered
  • MC Pod Member of the College of Podiatry
  • POMs Annotation: qualified to supply designated prescriptions only-medication
  • Local Anaesthetics Annotation: licensed to administer designated local anaesthetics
  • Certificate in Verruca Needling

Thank you for helping keep my feet pain free throughout the marathon and for all your support and encouragement generally!

Mr B.

My plantar fasciitis is considerably improved. Thank you so much for your help. I have already recommended you to lots of my friends.

Mr A.

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful attention that you gave to my husband. We made an appointment for him to see the doctor showing a copy of your referral. He definitely has a heart condition; he is on blood thinner medication and awaiting an ECG. We would never had known except for your diligence.

Mrs H.

My corn has not hurt at all since my last appointment. You are the best chiropodist I’ve ever been to.

Mrs V.